8th International Conference
Mathematics and Information Sciences
8-10 Feb. 2019, Egypt
  Obada-Prize 2019

2019 Obada-Prize 


There are three prizes supported by African Academy of Sciences (North Africa Branch)

  1. Distinguished Researcher
  2. The target group is researchers who are aged 40 or below
  3. Undergraduate and Post Graduate Students (The prize will be awarded according to the students presentation and no need to send a published work)

 بدعم من أكاديمية العلوم الافريقية (فرع الشمال) توجد ثلاث جوائز

  1.  للباحث المتميز
  2.  للباحثين تحت 40 سنه
  3. للطلاب المرحلة الجامعية وطلاب الدراسات العليا  (الجائزه تمنح طبقا لعرض الطالب مشروعه فقط ولا يتطلب تقديم بحوث منشوره)
For Application, please send an e-mail to 
  • Your CV  (for prizes 1,2,3)
  • h-index and total number of citations (from SCOPUS web page )  (for prizes 1,2 only)
  • A list of 5 published papers in international journals (from the last 10 years) (for prizes 1,2 only) 

The regeral roles of Obada-Prize are as follow: 

  • 1) The applicant should be one of the conference participants  
  • 2) The applicant should give 15 minutes talk in the conference or via Skype 
  • 3) There is no age limit for the first prize 
  • 4) The short list will be no more than 10 applicants


 Obada-Prize 2019 Evaluation (for prizes 1,2 only)


 40% for h-index,  (SCOPUS web)

30% for the total number of Citations (SCOPUS web), 

20% for number of authors (single author paper will get 4 out of 4 but multi-author papers (4/N) out of 4, where N is the number of authors) 

10% for the applicants presentation in the conference (each applicant will be given 15 minutes to give a short talk).


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