International Conference on
Open Source Software and Applications
09-11 Feb 2017
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  • International Conference on Open Source Software and Applications. 09-11 Feb 2017 Cairo, Egypt
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  • 2nd International Conference on Scientific Publishing and Arab Impact Factor 6-9 May 2017 Bahrin
  • International Conference on Data Mining & Information Technology. 11-13 May 2017 Bahrain
  • International Conference on Students Applied Research. 9-10 Sep. 2017 Cairo, Egypt
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"المؤتمر الدولي للبرمجيات مفتوحة المصدر وتطبيقاتها "

في الفترة من 9-11 فبراير عام 2017م بمدينة زويل للعلوم والتكنولوجيا 

International Conference on Open Source Software and Applications

09-11 Feb 2017 Cairo, Egypt

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 Objectives of the Conference:

• Identify the nature of open source software and rooting term.
• Identify the principles of open source software control.
• Identification of open source software a relationship with other used/old applications.
• Identify practical applications of open source software.
• Identify the jobs created for a specialist open-source software.
• Reached to develop uniform standards that can be used in open source software evaluated.
• Hobo future of open source software.
Intellectual property rights.

open-source software: the concept and importance
- Rooting terminology and concepts surrounding it.

- The importance of open source software.
- Open source software components.
- Preparing and qualifying programmer open-source applications.
- The needs of the information society of open-source software.
- Raising  Economy based on open source software.
- The ethics of information and intellectual property rights.

 open-source software in GIS and Remote Sensing and Space Sciences
- Analysis of satellite images and remote sensing software.

- Drawing and enter, retrieve and produce maps and reports software.
- Information and Decision Support Systems DSS applications.
- Identify shapes and images Optical Character Recognition OCR systems applications.
- Artificial Intelligence AI applications.
- Smart GIS Applications and Decision Support Systems DSS applications.
- Big Data, Data Analytics  & Smart Cities Managements.
- Numerical analysis and statistical applications.
- Mathematical models and operations research.
- Scientific & Engineering graphics applications.

The Role of Information Systems Engineering for the development of open-source software
- Data and information networks and electronic signature security.

- Tools of building applications and systems.
- Open source applications in the industry (petrochemicals, electronics and telecommunications, semiconductors and integrated systems, mining and quarrying and manufacturing cement and engineering industries, carpet weaving, ...)
- Evaluation criteria issued by libraries and information centers
- The proposed evaluation criteria in scientific studies
- Professionals professions developed open source software and its functions.

open-source software and Internet portals and online
- Open source software systems in the creation and development of websites and portals on the Internet, classification, label and description systems, web content management ...

- Technical Operations (thesauruses restricted, languages ​​and metadata and semantic relations, and classification systems ...)
- Navigation & browsers systems (types, characteristics, structure, ...)
- Search and retrieval systems (search strategies, methods of formulation inquiry, interface design and research, the results ...).

- Valuation standards issued by professional institutions and information centers.
- The proposed evaluation criteria in scientific studies.

open-source software applications and mobile devices Mobile Application and E-government
- Office automation systems.

- Government applications of m-gov services to citizens inquiry / booking.
- Electronic Payment for gas and electricity applications ... and electronic shopping.
- Archival databases on the Web.
- Archive-applications and digital libraries.
- Information retrieval systems.
- knowledge management.

Specialized workshops:
- Communication, security, confidentiality and secure information systems and networks.

- Packaged applications such as personnel affairs, ... how to update and take advantage of them.
- GIS applications / RS Applications and Image Processing
- Mobile Applications & Android Programming
- Operating Systems applications browsers enhancement and updates

Exhibition Conference:
- GIS and remote sensing applications companies.

- Communication, security, confidentiality and information security and network systems companies.
- Software applications and systems companies Open Source.
- Departments used applications and systems, Open Source.


about the inevitability of open source software and recommendations

important dates:
- Deadline for receipt of abstracts 15/1/2017.

- Responding to accept extracts 20/1/2017.
- The deadline for receipt of the full text of the research 01/02/2017.

Invited to participate:
- Faculty colleges of science, computers, information and engineering colleges and managers with the information technology centers and Decision Support Egyptian, Arab and foreign universities.

- Scientific and research institutions and relevant.
- Information professionals and libraries.
- Designers of Web sites, and their developers.
- Researchers in related fields.
- Software and communications companies and users in relevant fields.
- Researchers in related fields.

Entry Fee at the conference:

-1500 EP for Egyptian particepants.

- 750 EP for Attendance Only
- $ 400 for participants from outside Egypt

Papers submitted specifications: 

Research submitted to arbitration under by the Scientific Committee of the Conference to determine the possibility of acceptance, that the specifications are as follows:
- The research should be submitted in one of the themes of the conference
- Find 25 A4 pages a comprehensive references and supplements should not exceed
- Research written in Arabic Simplified Arabic handwriting
- Written in English research Arial font
- The font size of the board 14, and 16 titles with the left margin of 2.5 cm on both sides
- Referred to the reference numbers in the board search, and are listed alphabetically arranged at the end.
- Referred to the authors name and described his e-mail on the first page of the search.
- Attach a research summary in Arabic and another in English on not more than each 250 words A4 comprehensive references and appendices.

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